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Immunity Campaigner
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Tea leaves from the Western Ghats
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Wellness Campaigner
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GutHealth Campaigner
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The Royal WhisB is a line of health boosters rooted in Kerala’s rich heritage, designed for those who seek a blend of fitness and wellness. Kerala’s unique climate, characterized by its tropical rainforests, ample rainfall, and rich soil, provides the perfect conditions for growing tea and spices that are rich in flavour and nutrients.

WhisB, inspired by the wisdom and harmony of the Whistler Bird, offers a sustainable and mindful approach to daily living. Enjoy the natural benefits of our nature-friendly products and embrace an energetic and balanced lifestyle with WhisB.

WhisB proudly introduces its Whistler Bird as a

Wellness Campaigner

Immunity Campaigner

Gut Health Campaigner

We are fitness & wellness campaigners

WhisB is your ally in the fight for a stronger immune system. We are fitness & wellness campaigners. Our prime role is to motivate everyone to build a strong body and mind. WhisB team propagates clean, yummy, healthy eating and inspires people from all age groups to become aware and aim for Overall Wellness.

We are not just product sellers, we are health campaigners who are People-centric and we often conduct programs for kids, adults and seniors to bring ‘an active lifestyle’ into the routine. All products from WhisB will bear the mark of a positive and progressive future through healthy and superior quality products. As  Campaigners we strive for a – fit-mindful-healthier today, tomorrow and day after.

Love Yourself

Our Handpicked Products

What’s unique with WhisB?

Whistler birds are a common sight in the Ghats and they are one of the most active – in the mountains, waters and forests. With people settling closer to the valleys, these birds have learnt to adapt to the modern settlements as well. They carry the wisdom of ages, they also adapt well to the changes. But their commitment to nature and its well-being is still intact.  

WhisB stands as an epitome of purity and commitment. We have changed considerably over time. But the WhisB motive to campaign for the wellness of the ‘body and the mind’ has remained intact. And we will continue to grow towards Healthiness. 

The WhisB commitment to Wellness

At WhisB, we conduct workshops and other wellness – activities for children and adults. We aim to motivate them towards self-discipline and self-love by staying active both physically and mentally. We strive to stay committed and close to nature.

Add a little bit of WhisB to your life 

Take care of yourself and your family by introducing the amazing WhisB Campaigner. Be it on your workout days, your stressful days or just any day, WhisB can add that extra value to your life by helping you ‘love yourself’ a little more. 

The Premium Spices of the Western Ghats

Pepper, cardamom, and clove are just a few gems harvested from the Western Ghats’ famed Spice gardens. Whistler Bird Nutrition’s spices are of exceptional quality and contribute to the aroma and flavour authentic to the Ghats.

Green Tea- Immunity Campaigner

From the private gardens of The Western Ghats, WhisB  finds inspiration from nature to provide a royal flavour, quality and strength to its green tea leaves.

Under the banner – ‘Immunity Campaigner’ this initiative by WhisB aims to harness the ancient wisdom of green tea consumption that enhances the body’s immune response.

White Tea – Wellness Campaigner

WhisB embarks on a journey to redefine wellness through the introduction of its White Tea, aptly titled “Wellness Campaigner.”

This new venture is rooted in the belief that true well-being encompasses both physical health and mental serenity. WhisB’s Wellness Campaigner is poised to become an emblem of this holistic approach to health. 

Royal Cardamom – Gut Health Campaigner

The Royal WhisB cardamom comes all the way from Kerala, known as one of the best places for cardamom production. Growing in the lush Western Ghats region, WhisB ensures that you receive only the finest cardamoms that are carefully handpicked from nature’s bounty.

The WhisB royal cardamom is known for its ability to promote gut health

Strong Body Strong Mind
Love yourself a little more
Lets campaign for good health
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