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Immunity Campaigner
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Green tea leaves from the Western Ghats
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Strong Body. Strong Mind.
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Strain. Sit down. Sip slowly & Satiate.
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The Royal WhisB Immunity Campaigner

Immunity Campaigner

WhisB is your ally in the fight for a stronger immune system. We are fitness campaigners and motivate everyone to build a strong body and mind. Our team propagates clean, yummy, healthy eating and inspires people from all age groups to become aware and aim for Overall Wellness.

We are not just product sellers, we are health campaigners who are People-centric and we often conduct programs for kids, adults and seniors to bring ‘an active lifestyle’ into the routine. All products from WhisB will bear the mark of a positive and progressive future through healthy and superior quality products. As Immunity Campaigners we strive for a – fit-mindful-healthier today, tomorrow and day after.

Love Yourself

Our Handpicked Products

What’s unique with WhisB?

Whistler birds are a common sight in the Ghats and they are one of the most active – in the mountains, waters and forests. With people settling closer to the valleys, these birds have learnt to adapt to the modern settlements as well. They carry the wisdom of ages, they also adapt well to the changes. But their commitment to nature and its well-being is still intact.  

Our green tea leaves are an epitome of purity and commitment. We have changed considerably over time. But the WhisB motive to campaign for the wellness of the ‘body and the mind’ has remained intact. And we will continue to grow towards Healthiness. 

The Royal WhisB Immunity Campaigner

At WhisB, we believe in the ‘fitness of the body and the mind’. Our Green Tea leaves, campaign for better immunity, relaxation and a superior lifestyle. With good exercise, body-friendly food and a healthy cup of Green Tea high in polyphenols & catechins, let us walk ahead and celebrate our well-being.

The Royal WhisB Green Tea advantage

From the private gardens of The Western Ghats, WhisB  finds inspiration from nature to provide a royal flavour, quality and strength to its leaves. Immense care is taken from planting to packing and if we can make you feel good after a cup of WhisB, we usually pronounce our campaign successful.

The WhisB commitment to Wellness

At WhisB, we conduct workshops and other wellness – activities for children and adults. We aim to motivate them towards self-discipline and self-love by staying active both physically and mentally. We strive to stay committed and close to nature.

Add a little bit of WhisB to your life 

Take care of yourself and your family by introducing the amazing WhisB Immunity Campaigner. Be it on your workout days, your stressful days or just any day, WhisB can add that extra value to your life by helping you ‘love yourself’ a little more. 

The Premium Spices of the Western Ghats

Pepper, cardamom, and clove are just a few gems harvested from the Western Ghats’ famed Spice gardens. Whistler Bird Nutrition’s spices are of exceptional quality and contribute to the aroma and flavour authentic to the Ghats.

WhisB Pepper Trails

The Ghats’ rich soils are ideal for pepper crops, and the region’s unique climate gives the spice its signature perfume and taste.  

The use of pepper in our goods is a tribute to the long history of spice growing in these hills and a declaration of our commitment to using only the freshest, most flavoursome ingredients.

Pepper Talks

Scientists have traced the birth of black pepper to the Western Ghats 6.3 million years ago

WhisB Pepper is hand harvested and sun-dried in the hills

Our high-grade Black Pepper is rich in antioxidants and has amazing health benefits.

WhisB Clove Trails

The temperature and soil are perfect at the Ghats for growing cloves.

The spice is highly valued for both its culinary and medicinal uses and in the traditional  healing practices, clove has played a key role as an essential medicinal ingredient.

Clove Talks

Clove oil has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat various ailments including toothaches, indigestion, respiratory problems, headaches, and even to boost immunity.

In some cultures, cloves are considered symbolic of love. They’re given as gifts to celebrate milestones like weddings.

WhisB Cardamom Trails

Commonly known as the “Queen of Spices,” this aromatic plant grows best in the foggy, chilly Western Ghats.

It elevates the spice repertoire with its nuanced and fragrant character. Whistler Bird Nutrition takes its cue from this imperial spice, adding cardamom to our products for an air of refined sophistication and a whisper of the aromatic charm of the Western Ghats.

Cardamom Talks

Cardomom comes in black and green. Green is often referred to as the real cardamom.

Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory actions and is effective against a variety of bacterial strains. WhisB high-grade cardamoms contain high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and other micronutrients.

Strong Body Strong Mind
Love yourself a little more
Lets campaign for good health
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