Team WhisB

A teaspoon of WhisB is filled with nature’s secrets

Whistler Bird Nutrition acquires its wings from a fitness expert and mind healer – Deepthy P Nair [DPN].

Our founder is an active and ardent campaigner of ‘Positive Fitness’ and she believes: one can only attain Wholesome Wellness when the body and the mind are in tandem.

Through WhisB and other promising ventures, DPN coveys the powerful message of ‘self-love’  as it is the most essential energy pointing towards good health.

A teaspoon of WhisB is filled with nature’s secrets, ingredients for positivity and hopes for a strong body and mind.

WhisB products originate from the Western Ghats of Kerala and take their flight to the hearts of people who appreciate life and are willing to take care by staying very close to nature.

When DPN is not wandering the tea estates, you can see her at the desk, managing ‘ The Alcove Publishers’ or curating and conducting programs for children, adults and seniors through  ‘The Kampaigners Klub’ .

Our team campaigns for ‘Strong body Strong mind’ through various programs, campaigns and activities.

A Tribute to the Western Ghats in Kerala

A sanctuary of natural splendor, Kerala’s Western Ghats attest to the planet’s unspoiled grandeur. A magnificent kaleidoscope of nature is created by the interweaving of dense woods, majestic mountains, and flowing streams in this lush region.

Awe-Inspiring Scenery

The Western Ghats are a lush paradise adorned with majestic mountains, crystal-clear streams, and abundant vegetation. Those in search of peace amid unspoiled nature will find it here. These mountains serve as a metaphor for the resiliency and strength inherent in our products and serve as the setting for our tale.

Often described as the stunning nature, Western Ghats of Kerala spread like a magnificent painting.

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