Hand rolled green tea leaves from Kerala’s Western Ghats

Strain. Sit down.
Sip slowly & Satiate.

Strain. Sit down.
Sip slowly & Satiate.

Malabar Thrush – WhisB bird - WhisB is dedicated to the Whistler Birds of the Ghats

Green Tea leaves – Nature whistles with WhisB

Green Tea leaves – Nature whistles with WhisB

Come home to where some of the finest teas and spices are grown.

The Western Ghats in Kerala

WhisB is a royal  tribute to the flora and fauna of the Ghats from where our products are chosen and packed. The hand rolled loose green tea leaves are carefully  picked from the private tea gardens in Peermade and brought to the factory which has over 100 years of heritage and expertise. The geographical and climatic uniqueness of the valley is best-suited to produce the finest leaves.

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What’s unique with WhisB?

Whistler birds are a common sight in the Ghats and they are one of the most active – in the mountains, waters and forests. With people settling closer to the valleys, these birds have learnt to adapt to the modern settlements as well. They carry the wisdom of ages, they also adapt well to the changes. But their commitment to nature and its well-being is still intact.  

Our hand rolled green tea leaves are an epitome of purity and commitment. We have changed considerably over time. But the WhisB motive to campaign for the wellness of the ‘body and the mind’ has remained intact. And we will continue to grow towards Healthiness. 

Identifying WhisB Royal Green Tea

The tender green leaves from the valley have a vibrant spring freshness, a special mild sweetness and a texture – smooth and satisfactory.

Warm and soothing to the taste buds, the leaves are full of antioxidants and natural oils, preserving the pride of the Ghats which passes through Kerala.

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