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The tradition of green tea consumption dates back thousands of years. It was originally rooted in China before spreading across Asia and then to the rest of the world. Green tea is deeply intertwined with culture, medicine, and tradition, making it one of the oldest and most consumed beverages globally. Ancient Chinese texts, including the “Classic of Tea” written by Lu Yu in the 8th century, detail the health benefits of tea, these beliefs contributed to tea’s popularity and its integration into daily life.

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Immunity Campaigner

Whisb’s Immunity Campaigner distinguishes itself through its unique origin—Kerala, India. Unlike traditional green tea varieties, the SINGLE ESTATE GROWN TEA LEAVES  boast a distinct flavour profile that is both rich and smooth, with a subtle sweetness not found in other regions. This speciality green tea undergoes minimal processing to retain the maximum amount of antioxidants, beneficial compounds and additional flavour characteristics, ensuring that each cup offers the full spectrum of health benefits. Immense care is taken from planting to packing and if we can make you feel good after a cup of WhisB, we usually pronounce our campaign successful.

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